Throughout the document(s) these conventions are followed




The dollar sign in interactive examples indicates an operating system prompt for VMS.

The dollar sign can also indicate non superuser prompt for UNIX / Linux.


The number sign represents the superuser prompt for UNIX / Linux.

>The right angle bracket in interactive examples indicates an operating system prompt for Windows command (cmd.exe).

User input

Bold monospace type in interactive examples indicates typed user input.


Bold monospace type enclosed by angle brackets indicates command parameters and parameter values.


Monospace type in interactive examples, indicates command response output.

[ ]

In syntax definitions, brackets indicate items that are optional.


In syntax definitions, a horizontal ellipsis indicates that the preceding item can be repeated one or more times.


Italic monospace type, in interactive examples, indicates typed context dependent user input.

The following definitions apply

HostThe system on which the emulator runs, also called the Charon server
GuestThe operating system running on a Charon instance, for example, Tru64 UNIX, OpenVMS, Solaris, MPE or HP-UX

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